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            USUN Fine Chemical Products Limited
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            Unique Strength

            What makes us better and special? It is the combination of the follow:

            In-house Production Facilities custom-designed for a wide range of chemistries with precision, consistency and reliabilities. (Details see Production Capabilitie).

            Our locations are all best situated for: Raw materials supply acquirement; Import & Export; Visits & audits; Keeping our best professionals long term (Details see: Sites and Locations).

            Experiences of many years continued work in custom-production with extensive knowledge in Scaling Up Production with different chemistries. (See Our Experienced Chemistries)

            Self-Developed Database ensures our quick access to the existing intermediates, facilities, equipments and capabilities, to support our customers as well as for our internal production. (See Our Sourcing Capabilities)

            Communication: (1) Open, Honest, Detailed, Punctual under CDA/MSA; (2) Fluent English for Professional Reporting/Tele-conferences; (3) SOP assured data integrity for long term traceabilities.

            Our Team: Long term oriented, dedicated Professionals with lean organization. Many has been with us since the founding period of our companies, most are spending their longest period in their career with us.

            Long Term Partnerships in China (see Partnerships) assured us extendable capacity and upgradeable quality standard (cGMP Regulatory Intermediates and APIs), with cost-efficiency and secured for IP.

            Spotless reputation since our very foundation made it easy for us to initiate new cooperation & new partnerships in China Industries, whenever required.